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Thermostat issue

Help!! My thermostat disconnected from my app I’ve spent hours trying to reconnect it. I get to the point where it asks for The access code and nothing. The thermostat says it is connected so no code!!!! I’m really hating this app and thermostat. Thi...

Roseb by Community Member
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Can’t get entry key

My nest thermostat is linked to my wifi but I can’t connect it to my app. I cannot get the entry key. It is not displayed in the settings where it is supposed to be

Erica1 by Community Member
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Fan won't come on

I have gone through our settings in the app but nothing has seemed to help. The heat won't come on unless I manually turn the fan on and then once I set it, it goes off again and the house temperature just keeps dropping. It never reaches the set tem...

Callie87 by Community Member
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Am I Wired Correctly? No Aux Heat

I had a nest learning thermostat Gen3 installed a few months ago. I have an all electric heat pump system and have had no issues with cooling. Now that the weather is getting colder the heat pump has been functioning ok, but when the outdoor temperat...

IMG_2995.jpg IMG_0491-min.jpg
BFurs by Community Member
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my wires are Rh, B, S1 and S2 according to the grid on my thermostats. App suggests I am Not compatible. True? 

Todd19 by Community Member
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Nest says its heating but it is not

My house is at 61 degrees F. The thermostat says it is set at 71 degrees F and heating but it is not. How do I fix it? I have tried all the trouble shooting

Lora369 by Community Member
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Nest Home Report Email Not Received

I am looking for the email Home report that was sent monthly. For some reason I did not get them for the past 2 months. Chat has been not the best.