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Nest Thermostats

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2 Red from 2 separate system Mirror Nest

I have a Nest (the mirror) thermostat. I have separate heating (Rh, W) and air (G, Rc, Y, C).There's only 1 R on the nest thermostat. How should i proceed? Someone said that I can tie both R coming from the separate systems together and then pigtail ...

Installing Heatlink - possible with only 3 wires from the Boiler?

Hello,Sorry to post, i did try searching first i promise! I am having trouble working out if i can install the heatlink - i have attached a photo of the wires from the boiler into the current receiver, but from what i can tell I am one wire short? Wa...

mwpenny by Community Member
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Nest via Hotspot (not mobile)

I’m currently selling a house and it’s likely to go on for several months over winter. I’m not living there so currently the heating is fully off but I’m concerned about having no heating when winter kicks in and we begin to see low temperatures wher...

1wyseman by Community Member
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Outside temperature T wire

Hello,My wiring in Lenovo thermostat has 2 wires labeled as T. I understand T means outside temperature sensors. Not sure why 2 wires though.Nest learning thermostat has no provision for connecting these, should I just leave these unconnected?Regards

a_daga by Community Member
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Energy summary

Hi,I receive an email each month showing my energy usage for the month and the comparison to the previous month.Unfortunately, I don't keep these emails and I'd like to know how my energy for the month compares to the same month last year (or even th...

Nest Thermostat

Why does the Thermostat show that it will get the heat that I set in 1 hr. or some time span. How do I get the thermostat to turn on to a temp and keep the furnace running until that temp is achieved

Flbjr2036 by Community Member
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Accessing thermostat via iPhone

I’ve had my thermostat for a year and all’s been fine until yesterday; I clicked I the Nest app but instead of the screen showing the heating option on the left and hot water on the right, I was asked to log in via Google. I did this and the screen n...

Thermostat off but heating on

I have turned the heating off on my app, but for the last 2 days, the radiators are pumping out hot air. The nest says the heating is off, and the app says there has been no usage for 2 days. However, we can't stop the heating! Can anyone help? Thank...

EO by Community Member
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 may I know if my old thermostat is compatible with the nest thermostat? 

46E4A26D-739F-4D86-82E8-5768E6C3D577.jpeg B1FA6352-03B1-4BA3-9DEE-50C570189BE3.jpeg

Nest Learning Thermostat Zero Ping

My Nest Learning Thermostat won't connect to the WAN. Tried hotspotting on 4G but still zero ping. Reset WiFi, phone, thermostat, heatlink numerous times. But can't get it to connect outside the network. It reports connected but then disconnects, I a...

Paulb1 by Community Member
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