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Nest Thermostat with 2 stage heating system.

So have a second home and would like to install a nest thermostat. We have one at out other home so I am familiar with them. Problem I see with this home is it has a 2 stage heating system. when it is 32 degrees or warmer you can use the heat pump fo...

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Mbmaring by Community Member
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new furnace

Installed a new furnace having issues wiring it up to the new furnace

Careatti by Community Member
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Nest heat link - No power

Hi My Nest Link is dead. I have it just over a year. It won't reset when I hold button for 10 seconds or when I turn off and on power. It won't respond to counter top reset either. I have no heating Angela

Angela1 by Community Member
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Strange Heating Behavior

When I turn on the heat for my Nest Thermostat, the system blows lukewarm air. When I turn it off, the furnace kicks in and the heat comes on. The heat-on-but-thermostat-off pattern continues in cycles until I turn the Nest to cooling and then turn i...

kaleuzzle by Community Member
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I have a honeywell thermostat that controls a heat pump type system. My question is where does the aux/e wire go on the nest thermostat?

Nest not heating

My new nest does not turn on heat. It says it’s in stage 2 and always red/orange but never hears. It’s only a couple months old never heated before. Help!

Nest Thermostat Gen 3 orange but no heat (has C wire)

It was 20 outside this morning and feels extremely cold inside. Heat not coming on despite display showing orange. I have had techs look at the furnace and wiring and all is the way it should be, but no heat and we have been cold and it is supposed t...

How do i check the status of my case

My new Thermostat e is stuck on an arrow and home screen when powering on. Tried everything but nothing works and app cannot detect it also. Case was raised but i don't know the status of it as yet. Was promised that latest today will hear back but n...

Manishr by Community Member
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