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Google nest learning thermostat Steel plate

The steel plate I received has a damaged thread that is not allowing me to mount it to the wall. How do I get this replaced? I'm looking forward to installing my new device asap!

blee6080 by Community Member
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Multi Zone System - thermostat controlling wrong room

We have a multi zoned system. Recently the Bedroom thermostat #1 started controlling the office temperature and the Office thermostat #2 started controlling the bedroom temperature. These have worked properly for the last year but now all of a sudden...

WiFi error W5 code

Hello. I’ve had a Nest 3rd gen Learning Thermostat for about 5 months now and it’s been awesome! Two weeks ago it went offline and started showing error code W5. It isn’t seeing my router and I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps repeatedly, resta...

newbe888 by Community Member
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My best Thermostat isnt working - no heating or hot water

Hi, we’ve woken up this morning with all the Nest displays and thermostat off, flashing red and the app states offline. I’ve taken the thermostat off and plugged into USB charging port but now I’m just getting a message saying the thermostat is resta...

Melraven1 by Community Member
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Thermostat not connecting to wifi

I’m trying to connect my new nest thermostat to WiFi. It keeps saying “something went wrong”. I haven’t ever had an issue connecting my WIFI to other smart devices like cameras or even my nest hub. What am I doing wrong?