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E74 After installing second Nest Thermostat

Installed a new Nest Learning Thermostat downstairs a week ago and everything was working fine. So purchased one to replace the upstairs thermostat. I was installing it to today and after wiring everything up and switching the breaker on I plugged in...

Aquintas by Community Member
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away mode

my nest thermostat is on the main (2nd) level of my 3 level home. When i'm in the basement, everything is fine. For some reason when I go upstairs to the bedrooms my nest sets to away mode which means sometimes the ac does not turn on most of the nig...

kthaskins by Community Member
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Change language on thermostat

Just installed my thermostat and hit the wrong button and I cannot get Spanish off of it. Don’t see anywhere on the nest app where I can change the language. And it seems to be in constant test mode

DHarr by Community Member
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Nest Keeps Increasing My Scheduled Temperature

We keep our Nest scheduled to cool to 24 degrees Celsius during summer days. However, this summer our Nest insists on increasing this temperature by 0.5 degrees. I have checked all my settings to turn off any feature that might trigger this behaviour...

jones4783 by Community Member
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Not heating

My thermostat is showing orange and that it is heating but the heater is not coming on.

Shaelei by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat snow

Wiring issues. I removed my older nest learning thermostat and now this one won’t work. Pic of wires included. Where do I put these wires on the new thermostat? 

Dalspaugh by Community Member
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I have three homes appear in nest I only want one. They won’t let me delete in nest. How do I delete in google

Ct1 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Triggering Home Mode

Hello, my Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen3) is triggering Home Mode while I am away. I can manually set to Away Mode in the Google Home app from work, but then shortly after I see that it sets back to Home Mode. When I check why it says "Kitchen sensed...