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Cameras and Doorbells

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Live Feed not showing up on PC

Until last Thursday or Friday, I was able to logon and watch the live feed from my indoor camera and doorbell on my PC. Now every time I logon from my PC, there is a still picture and the blue circle just keeps spinning and the live feed never comes ...

Hardwire vs Adding a plug?

I am about ready to buy and install the Nest Cam w/floodlight but I don't want to hire someone to run power to it. I'm going to install this above my attached garage and connect it to the outlet where the door opener plugs in (there currently is no p...

vbgooroo by Community Member
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Lost connection to doorbell and thermostat

My doorbell camera and thermostat are lost from my app after an outage from the Wi-Fi provider at a remote location away from homei don’t have QR code to enter to set up is there a method to recover

3dognut by Community Member
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Resolved! Doorbell with cell service

is there a way to access the doorbell without wifi. If I’m on the road and I get a notification on my phone, I cannot open it and look at who is at my front door when I’m on cell service. With Ring you can, but I haven’t found a way with nest. It see...

Peeling Doorbell outside of warranty

I also have a Nest Hello doorbell that is peeling and out of warranty, and I contacted Google via chat this morning to see what they would do. After spending a lot of time on chat, providing everything requested, I was told that they could not replac...

sc52643 by Community Member
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Migration hell, and now I can't add a flood light

Ok, have any of you noticed when you have an issue with the migration or adding a product the thread gets closed??? I can't believe I paid $280 for a camera I can't add to either platform and end up in a continuous loop between both Nest and Google h...

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