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Nest Thermostats

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Adding Nest Thermostat to Home app

At one time the Home app on my phone was displaying status of a Nest thermostat and I could control the thermostat in that app or via the Nest app. Recently though, I tried to access the thermostat from the Home app but the display just spun a circle...

Bry_Pratt by Community Member
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Nest next gen not kicking on ac compressor

 I have an eim honeywell system. Bypassed it for the nest next generation. I do have a humidifier and I used the * for that. So everything works accept the ac outdoor unit nit kicking on. The fan inside kicks on fine. The only thing I can think is I ...

output_image1640806334603.jpg 20211226_111100.jpg 20211229_135553.jpg 20211229_135641.jpg
MattH by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat Multiple Zone

I have only one nest device but I have 4 thermostats set up in a zone system. I only have one Nest, and I was told that I did not need more than that, but I am not seeing any instructions for installing with zones.Question 1: Am I actually able to us...

Nest Thermostat not showing target temperature

Hi,I have disabled the auto learning feature of the Nest Thermostat and set a schedule instead. However, the display on the Nest Thermostat (and in the app) does not indicate the correct target temperature (i.e. the big number o the screen.)Specifica...

Brianc by Community Member
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Thermostat battery life

The battery on the thermostat doesn’t last long at all. Does it need a low voltage permanent supply? I’ve installed two now and they don’t last much longer than an hour even though I’ve charged them. Disappointed with this.

Priceyboy by Community Member
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Thermostats not triggering furnace

My HVAC is only 2 years old as is my thermostat. All of a sudden when I set my temperature for heat, it doesn’t want to come on. Ive checked the gas and all other connections and everything seems to be working. It will randomly decide to turn off and...

Nest 3rd generation Thermostat

Hi there, my plumber recently installed the Nest Thermostat. We connected the NEST APP to the thermostat, and all worked fine for my 2 nest thermostats (1 for heating and water and 1 thermostat for the other heated water system) since the app asked m...

kg2021 by Community Member
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