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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Internal battery low

Why would my internal battery not be charging? I have removed the thermostat and am charging with a USB charger. Also does the light stop blinking if it is fully charged?

scenn by Community Member
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Nest G4CVZ Thermostat - 7 wires installation

I have a 7 wire system setup that I want to install a Nest G4CVZ thermostat.white to W2, black to E, orange to O/B, red to R, green to G, blue to C, yellow to Y  Before opening the box I want to confirm compatibility. I checked in the linkand it says...

JV6 by Community Member
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Heat link doesnt connect to thermostat flashing blue

After drad battery, charged the thermostat but lost connection to heat link. Now it says no power to this thermostat (error H72)even if i keep charging, and heat link flashing blue after resetting.any suggestions how to fix this?

Berko by Community Member
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How can I speak with a live person?

223Dsisy by Community Member
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Nest Temperature Sensor settings

Hi,Are there plans to update the Nest application to allow for greater flexibility to program temperature sensors? The current 4 windows provided are too wide and don't allow to effectively manage house temperature. Living in a warm state, it would b...

gm99 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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E104 error

I have two Nest thermostats and both have had this error e103 error message after being connected for several years. I currently have this message again after no changes have been made to the wiring. I’m ready to get rid of these thermostats and go b...

thaithcox by Community Member
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Hot Water

My Nest indicates that the hot water is on, but the boiler is not firing up. If I turn the boiler off and on again, the boiler ignites and heats the water

SBay by Community Member
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