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Nest Thermostats

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Google Nest/Thermostat

 I don’t understand why I can change temperature and set up schedules by tapping “thermostat” and also “master bedroom nest” What is the difference? At first it appeared it didn’t matter- that changes in one would would reflect in both, but I’ve noti...


Resolved! Nest Learning Thermostat

I have had a Learning thermostat installed with my new central heating boiler, but we have no wifi/internet connection. I let this property and not live there myself. How can i manually get it started and programme it. WE will not be using a phone or...

MaryH70 by Community Member
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Heat link not working - no lights, power gone on thermostat

HiI have two nests thermostats (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) with the links connected next to each other with the valves. They've both been installed for about 18 months but today i've noticed the downstairs one has stopped working. the t...

Installing NEST Thermostat with Power Connector

I have an oil fired hot water heating system.It is heating only. There is no air conditioning.It was installed around year 2000.The system has 3 zones.I am trying to install a NEST thermostat on the primary heating loop.The primary thermostat only ha...

ThermalControl_02.jpg AcquaStatLabel.jpg DiningRoomThermostat_02.jpg
DaveR by Community Member
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Nest cycling on off

Nest cycles furnace on and off. Our oil tank ran out of oil. The tech started the furnace back jp again, and right away the nest started running the furnace for 15 minutes and then it shut down and would not start again for about 3 hours. The furnace...

Garry by Community Member
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Just bought a nest learning stat. The only problem am having is the phone not connecting to the device. It works manually can any one advise please

1up_ by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Connect - Heat Link / Thread range extender

HiIm looking to extend the range of the Heat Link connection between my Thermostat E room pedestal and the Heat Link base station that is positioned closer to the boiler controller. Though they are only 10m apart there are 2 x1m thick rubble walls be...

CaptFiasco by Community Member
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Replacing current Nest with a new one

I'm replacing my current Nest (version 3) thermostat with a new version 3. Must I remove the old thermostat from the app before adding the new thermostat?

Hockey17 by Community Member
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