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Nest Thermostats

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Daikin hybrid heat pump

Hi everyoneHelp required to wire nest gen 3Picture uploaded of existing thermostatFitters said nest won't work, but I think it really wouldThank you 

Rashid123 by Community Member
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AC compressor turns on instead furnace

I have a working thermostat and system with 4 (Red, Yellow, Green and White) of the 5 wires connected.; the Blue wire is NOT connected to the existing thermostat. After installing the Google Nest thermostat with either 4 wires (Red, Yellow, Green, an...

edgolfing by Community Member
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Heating and Fan

Removed old style thermostat replaced with Nest learning 3rd Gen. It used to be that the therm would call for heat and the fan would run at same time. Now the boiler turns on but I need to manually start the fan. I don't understand. I set the system ...

DHMNPT by Community Member
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No Heat

The Nest thermostat won’t turn on the heat. We’ve reset it, the WiFi connection works, the cooling works, the fan works. The temperature won’t go above 66-67. We disconnected it, all the wires are placed correctly, no rust, no water, no shortage, no ...

MrzSolis by Community Member
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auxilary heat issues

My wife had our grandson install a gen 3 thermostat. now when the auxilary heat comes on from our heat pump there is a burning smell and the smoke alarm goes off so I flip the breakers off to be safe

How do I know if this blue wire is a C-wire?

My old thermostat had 4 wires attached to it: W (white), Y (Yellow), G (Green) and Rc (Red). It also has a blue wire that wasn't attached to the old thermostat (it's along the white wire in the picture).I bought the "Google Nest Thermostat - Smart Th...

LVSunsFAN by Community Member
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Smart Vent Integration

Thanks, google for **bleep**ing up works with Nest, by breaking smart vent integration that was in place prior to you taking over nest. Assholes.

phaque2 by Community Member
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