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Nest Thermostats

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Additional thermostats for Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd gen

Hi there everyone, just joined-up to ask a question so hope you can help. My question is - can I add additional temperature sensors to my Nest? My example situation is water-based underfloor heating downstairs (Zone 1 which is kitchen and living room...

Dazzlr by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat says heating but furnace isn’t on.

The device is set to 71, it’s 69 in my house and it says that it’s heating but the furnace isn’t running. I lowered the heat and then raised it again and the furnace kicked on also it kicked on eventually once too. Also it said it ran for 12 hours to...

W5 Error Message 2022

Have a Google Nest Thermostat and it stopped connecting to the wifi (which is on a google mesh network throughout my house) and flashes the W5 error message when I try to reconnect it.I’ve done the hardware reset of the device itself, reset my router...

MrDrewT by Community Member
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Nest thermostat says online. Cell phone says offline.

Nest thermostat says online. Cell phone says offline. I have reset/restarted several times and still same problem. From what I have read many have had this same problem. Now what. Some have suggested to get rid of the Nest/Google whole setup. I'm als...

ByNordby by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat disconnected from phone app

I got up this morning and thought it was a little cool so I checked the Nest app on my phone to turn up the heat and apparently there was some sort of update over night and my phone is no longer connected with the thermostat. How do I get it to recon...

BornmanL by Community Member
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New heatlink needed please

I had a plumber come over as my upstairs radiators are not working. It turns our there is an issue with the heatlink where it is not switching. All the lights are on however its not activating the switches and sending hot water where it needs to be. ...

Ryan-D by Community Member
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Thermostat Compatibility

Hi,Here is a picture of my existing thermostat does anyone now if the wiring is compatible with Nest?thankyou in advance   

4D2D19E9-3E3E-46F8-AA4E-AD99211B0486.jpeg A1EDB10F-F32E-4E7F-B8C7-DF2C7FE127BA.jpeg
Indico by Community Member
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Need Help with Wiring

Hi,Trying to configure the below wiring setup for our Nest thermostat. Any ideas? Thanks!

tdascenzo by Community Member
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