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Heat mode

My nest isn’t blowing heat. 

Dorg by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I have 2 nest thermostats and one is not connecting to the Wi-Fi and is showing an W5 error code. I have tried everything on the troubleshooting website and it still isn’t working. I am thinking I need to contact Google for a replacement. Any suggest...

JDB13 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat V3 installation issues

Hello everyone! I recently purchased a pre-loved Nest Learning Thermostat V3 and installed it into my home. I used the OT1 and OT2 wires to go to my boiler, which is what I read on the internet are the wires needed for my modulating thermostat.Howeve...

Nest E spares UK

Hi, I just bought a second hand nest E thermostat. The thermostat didn't come on when I plugged it in, but I pulled the front off the base and plugged in via USB. This worked and charged the unit, and allowed me to pair with my phone. Then came to pa...

Nest w5 error

Hi, I'm getting an w5 error as of yesterday (going on 20 hours now). My Wi-Fi is strong and still working on all other devices. Nothing has been changed. I have completed all of the steps that are recommended on the forums, including resetting the ne...

Nhuff89 by Community Member
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w5 error

Hi there-my Nest (purchased around November 2019) began displaying the Wi-Fi error w5 in the middle of the winter last year. I want to fix it so I can use the Nest remotely and on my phone. I have tried the suggested remedies (reset, restart, update ...

hhartze by Community Member
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Rename hot water to towel radiator

Hi can I rename hot water to towel radiators as I have 3 zone valves and want to leave my hot water on standard time clock and control by nest app radiators and separate zone towel radiators thanks

Read Reviews Carefully about Nest Learning Thermostat

In other words, don't buy it.Purchased Nest Learning to control both Heat (boiler) and AC (older system) in New England. Installed 1 Apr 21. Used heat and AC through mid June before transitioning to summer AC. While getting ready for winter on 6 Oct ...