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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Learning Thermostat WiFi Chip Overheating

I recently moved into a new house with a 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat. I noticed that my AC was constantly running (15-18 hours a day) to achieve 72 degrees F. I got a thermometer to double-check the temp and realized that the Nest was off by abo...


My thermostat says the heat is on but no heat is coming out. Has anyone had this problem? How do you fix it?

NRG by Community Member
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Refund not received

I had a faulty heat link which was replaced in June. I was told I would be refunded for the installation if I provided the paid invoice I received from the installation engineer. I provided this in July yet still haven't been refunded. I've contacted...

DebsB by Community Member
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Nest heat link not working. Power supplied

My nest heatlink just stopped working. I install these for customers. I have confirmed mains power to the unit. The unit has no indicators. Was working up to yesterday. Can I send heat link for replacement?  


Nest RF Hot water Control

Hello, Does the NEST controller have an option to control a Hot Water Cylinder RF ( Wireless Free) I have a hot water cylinder away form the main heating control valves so the control of the hot water needs to be Wireless free.Regards Peter

Heatlink not working

Heatlink is no longer working.Did all the resets etc, as suggested on the Nest site but it is completely down. (No light).It’s the same issue as so many on this community report.How can I get the heatlink repaired/replaced? kind regards,JP

JPvH by Community Member
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Nest heat link replacement

Hi, I have a problem with my heat link which has been working reliably until last week. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has wo...

JohnOGrady by Community Member
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thermostat with black screen

My Nest thermostat (Model: Diamond-1.13) suddenly turned black. A red light blinked. Charged with USB for more than 5 hours and attached it back to the base. The message on the screen said: Please remove the thermostat from its base, then reattach it...

bluemoon by Community Member
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