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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest Power connect help

 this how I currently have my Nest power connect hooked up. Still getting no power message

Thekideo by Community Member
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Parents entered wrong heat source - how to change?

My parents put in the nest learming thermostat today and entered the wrong heating type - forced air when in fact we have propane. Is there a way to change this or do they have to do factory reset?

jnojazz by Community Member
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Cannot start nest thermostat to pair with heatlink

The heat link keeps clicking and blinking Thermostat cannot pairCannot get to settings from set up to get code for appJust keeps trying to pair and failingTurned on and off, but just lands on set up and continues cycle Any advice appreciated

Bgduggan by Community Member
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Add products

Try to add a nest learning thermostat to my account after install a c wire adapter for nest .

Ib30669 by Community Member
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Nest temp is wrong

Just installed my Nest yesterday and it's reading of the temperature is almost 10 degrees off from a temp have I have in a wall thats three feet away. My old job smart thermostat would only be 2-3 degrees different. Right now Nest is showing 75 in my...

BStarke by Community Member
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Wire mapping with 2 U1 black and white wires

I have wired Nest 3rd Gen previously no issue but in my new house I have a heat exchanger. This runs with my furnace to pull winter humidity out of the house. In the current thermostat they are 2 U1 black and white connections

Jrock3134 by Community Member
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Sharing the control of neat thermostat

Hello all, I have my nest thermostat connected but I’m trying to add my wife to the home platform where she has control of the device as well.. the error message that I keep receiving is “can’t share at this time” am I doing something wrong? Need det...

Google Nest Thermostat not compatible

Just bought a house, with 1 A/C, 1 Heater, and a combo Armstrong AC/Heater; with 2 Honeywell thermostats controlling them. So, I was trying trying to update 1 thermostat (combo unit) to the google nest thermostat and got an incompatibility reading fr...

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