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Nest Thermostats

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Google Nest ThermostatDuring set up app told me that I needed a C wire for full funtionality, so I connected one. Now the app continues to tell me that it is not connected when I know that it is. Have tried factory reset and deleting and re-introduci...

Pa-T by Community Member
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My nest thermostat shows its on line but the nest software shows that is offline. What can I do to fix this

bwtaylor by Community Member
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Wire connections

I have a heat pump system and my current thermostat has a wire connection at the Y/Y2 terminal. I also have a Y1/W2**, but no wire is connected. Should I connect the wire at the Y/Y2 connection to the Y1 on my Nest?

bobkjr44 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat says heating or fan running when it’s not

My nest thermostat has been saying it is heating and orange but the furnace is not kicking on. We checked the furnace and it’s fine, and figured out that if I turn the heat down to get it to stop “heating”, and back up again it will work. We run our ...

AMorris by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

the Nest thermostat comes offline all the time, I have tried, replacing the rechargeable batteries, reconnecting and rebooting the router, restarting the thermostat, stay online for a few hours or so, and then goes offline, and can't control it with ...

Elena67 by Community Member
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Heatlink dead need replacement

We have had two heatlinks die within a month of each other and need replacements. They are less than a year old. We did all troubleshooting and no luck. We then had a professional come out and assess who advised we need to contact google as the heatl...

Heat link

Our heat link has died and has no power. We've followed all trouble shooting guides and also had a professional come out and look and has confirmed it's dead. It's less then 2 years old, so was wondering what the next best steps would be as we need h...

JMHarding by Community Member
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Nest app

My nest thermostat has list all contact with my phone app. and I can’t get it to reconnect. Help

whatever by Community Member
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