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History not working

Looking for help advice … two week old nest thermostat learning version has stopped updating history … worked fine in both iPad and I phone then stopped 3 days ago . Have re started … rebooted .. uninstalled and reinstalled apps all to no avail .. Go...

Thermostat constantly comes on at wrong time

I have a Nest Learning Thermostat which was here in the property when I moved in. No matter how often I reset it (on both the app or device itself) to make the heating come on at 7 am it still switches it on at 3.30 am. How can I stop this? Thanks! A...

alness by Community Member
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Thermostat history lost after removing it from the Nest App

I have the Nest Learning Thermostat 3 and I got a Low battery issue. As part of the troubleshooting process, I remove it from the Nest app and reset it. Eventually, I learned how to charge the battery, and I added the thermostat back to the app.Now a...

wrr by Community Member
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Presence sensing not working

First, some background: I have a 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat with an account that has been migrated to Google. I also have multiple Kasa smart plugs. I wasn’t satisfied with the home/away assist in the Nest app so I’ve always used the Pre...

Drewbacca by Community Member
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Nest "smart" thermostat

How can i configure nest "smart" thermostat to not think that i have left the house and turn the temp down? This has been hapening constantly for the past few weeks. I thought turning it back on several times will make it "learn" my pattern of behavi...

Zlatko by Community Member
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I can’t adjust the thermostat from my iPad, I’m away

I can’t adjust my thermostat from the app on my iPad, I’m away and have been checking the temp all week, now that I’m heading home and want to raise the temperature it does not show me the temps, just says home.

jjatlas by Community Member
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Customize sensor schedules

Users should be able to define when the system switches to which senor. If I had known this wasn't an option, I wouldn't have purchased. This really can't be hard to program Google. Get it done. Everyone is different. Some people wake up at 5 am. It ...

Pasta80 by Community Member
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Nest not following schedule

Hello. I have a schedule for my thermostat so that the heating goes off in the evenings at 2200, and should come on at 6.30am in the mornings. The heating is now coming on every day at 4.00am for no reason. Please help.

Ross171 by Community Member
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