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Nest Thermostats

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Error image with nest thermostat E1.1

Hello,One of my thermostats has been giving me the attached image for a few days so I remove it from my system and tried to reinstall it with no success. Any ideas what this image means? Thanks

Cal2 by Community Member
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Hitachi Ducted heat pump

Hi guysI recently installed a Hitachi 11kW ducted heat pump here in NZ, client now would like wifi control, however it is currently unavailable from Hitachi. The wired remote uses just a 2 wire connection to the indoor unit, will the nest system work...

Levster70 by Community Member
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Schedule gets extra adjustment points

Why does my Nest schedule gain extra adjustment points? I will configure it for four different temperature settings throughout the day and when I check it 2 months later there are six sometimes seven on every single day. They're clustered around the ...

Coolvan by Community Member
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Temperature sensor does not connect to thermostat

I have three nest temperature sensors. They all lost connection to the thermostat. I removed them from my app, pulled out battery to reset, tried to add them back to my app. Keeps saying cannot connect to thermostat, no matter how close they are to t...

Gottzilla by Community Member
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Resolved! Two Wires, White and Blue

Hello, trying to install a nest thermostat but the only wires I have are white and blue. Is this compatible?

rockdmoon by Community Member
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Nest 3rd generation thermostat with error e74 error

I changed my old 'round Honewell with mercure' thermostat 2 wires with a Nest 3rd generation. I plugged the old 2 wires 24AC on Rh and W1 of NEST. But, there a problem :The first time the system runs all good, as described with the following step bel...

Nest + Heat Pump Help Please

Hi folks, first time posting for Nest thermostat help. I'll try to keep this brief but it will take a moment. I would greatly appreciate insights on my situation.Ontario, Canada based so cold temperatures. We had a reno done about 8 years ago and had...

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NestCAD by Community Member
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