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Nest Thermostats

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Nest Thermostat problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of Nest Thermostats.Before trying these stepsMake sure you're using the correct app for setup. Need help checking which model you have? Use the Google Home app to set up the following...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Resolved! Finding entry key ...?

How to find entry key on Nest learning thermostat?We moved in two years ago, the Nest was here then after some trial and error we can operate heating from the thermostat but never managed to link to app as thermostat will not give us an entry key. Pr...

SMC55 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat stopped working

Hi.Our next thermostat has stopped working and won’t connect. We have tried following the instructions to reconnect but there is no light on the device.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks,Poppy

Poppy123 by Community Member
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Nest thermostats and Daikin Air Source Heat Pump

Hi All I had 3 Nest learning thermostats installed in my property in July/August 2017. At the time we had a gas boiler. Thermostats worked well. About 3 years ago we decided to change our gas boiler for Daikin Air Source heat pump retaining all the N...

DRVVOHRA by Community Member
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The thermostat going to break my heater soon

The nest work completely fine for a year and recently keep showing low battery on screen, so it keep turning my heater on and off every 2 mins. I guess that when the sensor kick in, so whole night I hear my heater fan turn on for about 30 seconds the...

Bon3 by Community Member
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Nest heatlink appears to be dead

I think i have the 2nd gen nest thermostat. It's not controlling the boiler as of last night.No led active on the heatlink and when i power off the boiler from the main switch I just get 1 yellow/amber blink.I used to be able to power on the boiler u...

tommyhayes by Community Member
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Compatibility checker

Hi TeamJust want to check if my system can take the nest.Its a Fujitsu ARTG45LHTAWith 4 wires out the backred, blue, black and white.The black is not connected at the moment.Thanks

Squirt121 by Community Member
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Thermostat sensors

My old NEST thermostat with sensors went bad. I bought a new one, but without sensors. Am I not able to use the sensors with the new unit. Keeps giving me a message that the sensors are on another account.

ROJOBO by Community Member
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