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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat

I've been error code "e74". No power to rh wire. I go and check the circuit breaker and it doesn't seem to be tripped. I trip and reset it and the power returns. Is it the breaker, the hvac or the thermostat? I recently had the hvac serviced for a ba...

Deebodav by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Recently bought a nest thermostat to make my life easier. Now it’s driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me how to set the nest up with my iPhone to do :1. Turn system on or off2. Turn it to heat or cooling3. Set a temperature and let it so it’s thingi b...

Tcarter by Community Member
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Stop changing my thermostat!

Already called Reliant to ask they u enroll me form rush hour rewards and it’s still happening. Really pissing me off. Google support number is defunct. Links push me to these worthless forums. **bleep**ing pathetic.

Fckngbs by Community Member
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Google Nest Smart Thermostat High Low Temprature Settings

Hello, I am looking to purchase a Nest Thermostate for a weekly rental property. Does the $129.00 Smart Thermostat allow setting temprature limits and locking them in? It appears it did not a year ago in other threads. I know the Learning one does, b...

Nest Thermostat Issue

I recently purchased the Nest Thermostat with mirrored face and cannot get past the complete install in google home app. Thermostat cannot be detected.

Cool settings for device

just installed my nest thermostat the heat works great I set it for cool but it's still heat. How did I get the air conditioner to come on?

Gradual change in temperature

At my vacation home, I would like to set a desired temperature and have the thermostat gradually change from the current temperature to the desired temperature over an extended period of time to avoid using the emergency heat. Is this possible? Thank...

36432Rich by Community Member
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Re adding my nest thermostat to the home app

I had to change internet providers and reconnected doorbell, hub, and all speakers with no problems. Thermostat removed from app, then recommended to reset to factory settings. Now will not let me add back. I have removed batteries, let sit for a few...

Rjvalle by Community Member
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Best thermostat

I have a nest thermostat which worked great for the first few years installed. Ever since Google got involved it has gone from bad to worse. The forced migration to the Google App has caused complete failure of the product. The latest issue I’m havin...

TonyD1 by Community Member
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Nest E turning off problem

I have a Nest E which has worked fine since it was installed 2 years ago. All of a sudden it consistently switches off after a few minutes in Heat mode. The screen then has a graphic with the green leaf and referencing a time 8 hours away at the bott...

Julian3 by Community Member
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