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Nest wont send password reset to my gmail

I had a nest thermostat account a few years ago. Switched back to traditional thermostat. Now I bought the learning thermostat. When I log in i cant remeber past pw. When I hit send pw to my gmail nothing comes to my gmail account. How can i reset Ne...

dpjax123 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat showing offline in google home app

Nest thermostat shows as offline in google home app. ISP says they can see it connected to Wi-Fi.Did an online chat with google and they ended up saying to contact them when I was near the thermostat. Since I’m in Az and the thermostat is in Mn that ...

Jimaz by Community Member
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Wireless Worcester Greenstar Digistat RF Thermostat E compatibilty

Hi, a couple of questions really 1) The rather simplistic compatibility checker says either the Learning or 'E' thermost should be compatible (yet the 'E' is allegedly discontinued??). The install videos all seem to show wired thermostat replacement ...

ipanel by Community Member
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Pre Heating

My schedule is set to 20c at 6pm… preheating began at 2pm and has reached 20 by 3.15pm……much too early. Why is it so poor at maintaining the schedule?

Geoff27 by Community Member
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Bad data for thermostat in Nest app?

Out of town, monitoring by thermostat/furnace history data. Device is set on ECO since this is an extended absence, and it's winter cold where I live, so heat mode only. On one particular day, the history data for the day before showed that my heatin...

KQmelo by Community Member
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Resolved! Very Low Battery / replace now

Will I need to reprogram my Google Nest Thermostat after I replace the batteries, and exactly what type of batteries are recommended. (I do have a power supply connected ( c wire )).Should I use regular alkaline or rechargeable lithium?Thank you

PeterJJ by Community Member
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Heat link

My thermostat appears to be working properly but does not connect to the heat link. The heat link light is blue. I have tried resetting the heat link without success. Also going to factory default and turning it off an on again. It remains blue.

Cassel by Community Member
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Thermostat nest app

During the set up of the thermostat using the app I was prompted to take a picture of my wiring setup before disconnecting. I took the picture and it said I was successful but I am unable to find the picture of my wiring. I did not take it with my ph...