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Boiler isn’t turning off

My thermostat is working fine and has connected fine. But. Although the thermostat says the boiler is off. It’s not. I can’t seem to get it turn the boiler of at all. I’ve had the thermostat for 1 year. This is a new problem

Immy by Community Member
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Defective nest learning

Having an issue with the nest reading an accurate room temp. 8-9 degree difference. After 2 hours with nest support they determined I need a new unit. They could only do refurbished. How do I get a new one for my defective one. Please advise.

a002780 by Community Member
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Keeping radiators warmer for longer period in Winter

Had a Nest installed this year in March/April and only now properly using it during winter.Is it possible to set the Nest Thermostat to keep the radiators in the house (based in UK) on for a longer period of time to keep the rooms warmer? When the he...

AndyW89 by Community Member
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Oil burner

oil burner won't switch on with nest thermostat, but when it falls below the Nest emergency temp setting the oil burner turns on

mjnewton by Community Member
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Heat permanently on ?

Nest appears to be working properly , however heat is signal is permanently. I had to disconnect white wire to stop furnace . I did reset set nest twice but still same symptom. Even removing nest from base there is till have a closed heat circuit .

JRT750 by Community Member
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NEST not turning off the heat

Since early November heat comes on at night and does not turn off. I have reset the NEST three times this week. i have to turn the heater main switch off to turn the heat off. I installed the NEST on Jan 7th, 2021 and it worked fine till this Novembe...

Nest thermostat

Can i use one thermostat with one two zone heating? Be able to control each zone separately

skra by Community Member
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Nest thermostat wiring

 Hi ,I have blue, white, red and green wires. Is my furnace system compatible with Nest learning thermostat?if yes please provide instructions on where wires go and how to remove wire from Nest thermostats.

Alee8 by Community Member
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