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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Heat link not working

My nest heat link is not working.I’ve had a nest authorised fitter out who confirms it needs a new heat link but he can’t supply one and said I should email.I emailed about 2 weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing about this.Can someone please contact me a...

Moley by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat not recognizing W wire

I have an older gas furnace, heat-only, with a 2-wire thermostat to an old Honeywell mercury switch. Wire colors are not to code, but work in any configuration with the old Honeywell thermostat.I have a Nest generation 1 thermostat. I installed it wi...

TJD by Community Member
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Home Away

I have set up the thermostat to go to Eco temperatures when set to Away but although it recognises I am not at Home, the heating and hot water still come on as normal.I have set the system to recognise that my phone is not at home and therefore switc...

Nest app on iPhone issue

I had to turn the power off and when I’ve turned it back on I had connection issues however that is fixed now. the problem I have is that I cant see a heating schedule on my iPhone nest app anymore. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it but it still d...

Nest thermostat differential

Google, please listen to your customers and show you care about their comfort, not just your profits. The differential on my thermostat is anywhere from 3-4 degrees, which is far too much for comfort. Please make this adjustable I note in my searches...

Nest heating scheduling

My heating isn’t coming on and the Nest is showing that the heating will come on in 2+ hours . My scheduled timing should have started this morning (it’s now 1200) . I can’t find a way of over riding the 2+ hour wait!   

478CE381-97F5-4A31-BF54-F68FCF10B1D9.png ED0104B8-44C9-4538-8A1F-04A2D55AAB3F.png
Db2406 by Community Member
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