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Nest E thermostat wiring

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if my Nest thermostat will work with my current wiring. Attached a picture, any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

gdogsmed by Community Member
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Nest blows warm air not cold when AC on

Brand new nest, will not blow cold air. It seems to be actually blowing hot. I thought maybe fan was running with no AC, But temp coming out close to 100, checked outdoor temp, closer to 92. Here is wiring. I put other unit back on, works fine. Attem...

Drew82 by Community Member
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App connected gen 3 with heat link not showing hot water

Hi,Hot water is not showing in app. I connected to thermostat before installer completed set up, zero volt water control from heatlink. Installer has reconfirmed correct operation of hot water control from the nest itself. app shows heating control a...

jb26 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest thermostat won’t connect to wifi

My nest thermostat has been working perfectly since being installed about a year ago. Just yesterday I noticed it was offline and I’ve done everything to get it back but nothing has worked. I’m getting an M15 error. It’s not even recognizing any WiFi...

Scottdiezz by Community Member
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Compatibility with older Honeywell

Trying to replace older Honeywell thermostat. Heading system only. Gas burning to heat water for base board radiators. Apparently the gas burner replaced an earlier oil burner. I only see very large wires, black and white. No clear labels on them eit...


R I+ I- C wiring to Nest

 Hello. I have the above wiring. R = red wireI+ = green wireI- = brown wireW = white wireCan someone guide me to the compatible Nest wiring I would need. 4 wire to Nest. Thank you.


Install problem Nest learning thermostat version 1

Have a heat pump electric heat cool system. Wires per my a/c guy:yellow in yblue in cwhite in obred in rgreen in gsystem only blows hot air. Per a/c guy, need to switch o to b or b to o to get won’t let me get that far, saying that c is e...

Mark0614 by Community Member
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