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Nest Thermostats

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Compressor runs but no air

My air compressor runs but no air or heat comes out of my vents. When I turn My nest thermostat off and back on it says delayed for 5 min and then compressor turns on but no air comes out. Seems like the air comes out of vents In the early afternoon ...

Cmunoz by Community Member
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H71 problem need help!

Hi, Had a nest and heating link installed not even 3 weeks ago. Got a message today from the nest saying issue H71 tried resetting just stays a solid yellow light even after turning off. Tried turning off from the fuse, reset the wifi. Moved thermost...

Clarkie96 by Community Member
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Should be compatible

 Triple checked my wiring before ordering nest thermostat, as it was listed as compatible. Once I tried to add it to Google home, it was listed as not compatible.


Will nest power connector work with my furnace?

Have tried connecting a nest power connector to get the thermostat working, but there is no obvious place to connect the c wire (heating only setup). Tried with terminating c wire on connector, but there’s no power at thermostat. Also says r w wiring...

Woohoo by Community Member
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Thermostat won't show in Google Home App

Hey Guys,I've got the thermostat working, connecting and running through the Nest App however all my other Google products are running through Home.When I try add the thermostat to the Google Home App it takes me to the Nest login page and says to us...

Kier by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Is it compatible?

When I disconnected it and started to install it said not compatible via the app, but then another post made me think it actually is. Does anyone have insight? Chat never responded.   


Activity History stopped showing - 3rd Gen Thermostats

I have 5 homes on my Google Nest account with 3rd Gen thermostats in each. I've interrogated Activity History remotely for several years to check on activity in the properties. It's very useful as a remote "airbnb" host. Recently, Settings>Home/Away>...

itsjk by Community Member
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