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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Nest thermostat comptability

I’m looking to get nest thermostat installed, however looking at installation instructions I need to replace the old wall mounted thermostat. I have a combi boiler and control my heating/water temperature directly on the boiler and don’t have a wall ...

Prober by Community Member
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Fix to your problem

Look up in Google nest community fix for error message H71 you will find it I am new and don't know how to post for every body to see I help you you help me learn to post without floating the Post ok. Link to @@ Pebble

Error message H71

Error message H71 Fix the problemSelect your thermostat below, then select the code that you see on your thermostat for specific troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. If you don’t see an error code on your thermostat, please search our library of h...

Resolved! Nest thermostat stuck on h71

My Thermostat has been running for a year without issues it sits on stand , yesterday the maintenance symbol appeared and as soon as I touched the screen the H71 error message appeared. I have tried the following actions:-1) Reset the heatlink for 10...

bonbon35 by Community Member
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set on eco but only shows minimum temperature

currently traveling and set nest to eco (54), safety temperature set to 45 but google home app shows the following:heating ECO Indoor 44 getting messages every few hours "temperature back to normal".Why would it not show 54, the temperature Eco mode ...

astride by Community Member
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Do Temperature Sensors Learn Your Schedule?

I just got some temperature sensors to adjust my heating based on my bedroom's temperature when I sleep. I was extremely disappointed to see that the schedules in the Nest app are predefined. Night time is from 9pm to 7am. I sleep from 12am to 8am, s...

Two Homes - and Google Accounts and Nest Thermometer

We want to understand the best way to set up Google Accounts and two Nest Thermostats for TWO places - our home AND a Vacation Home that we sometimes rent out. My wife and I have iPhones. We want to control both Nest thermostats from our phones; and ...

Northern by Community Member
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