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nest thermostat e

The Nest Thermostat E is only compatible with one stage of heating, one stage of cooling, and an additional stage of either heating or cooling. does that mean if i have a 2 stage heating( 2 levels of fan speed and heat valve) i ok?

roelandtj by Community Member
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Offline - wifi password

Due to a power outage my thermostat went offline. After power restored it asked for wifi and pw. It keeps telling me that the pw is incorrect. All my other products such as RING cameras, etc are connected. What is going on?

H71 Error

Hi, My thermostat shows ERROR H71, i have tried every single to connect likeRestart Thermostat Option for link a replacement thermostat with heat link IDOption to relink with heat linkjuat to let you knkw i am aware how to out heat link in search mod...

Shahid77 by Community Member
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Lost thermostats screen to enable temperature adjustment

I suddenly lost my ability to adjust the temperature of the house on my nest app. I’m still getting the screen with “home/away”, but the thermostat doesn’t come up. I can verbally ask Alexa to adjust the temp, but can’t get my phone to show the therm...

timvt by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat

My Nest Learning thermostat is not using the schedule to heat the house one hour before I get up in the morning. I set it to 6 am but by 7 am it still hasn't turned the furnace on. Is it because my cell is off, there's no motion in the house,other fa...

Pat_B by Community Member
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Second Nest Thermostat Can't Connect to Assisting Device

I set up a Nest Thermostat on the first floor of our house, connected and works no problem. I am now setting up a second Nest Thermostat in our finished basement, and I am getting the "Can't connect to assisting device" message over and over again. T...

AVL92681 by Community Member
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Early "off"

My Nest is set to 72 degrees during the day (heating) and goes down to 65 at 10:00 PM for overnight. I know Nest has a feature called "early on" to get the house to a certain temp by a certain time. But I think this should also work in reverse. Let's...

zunkman by Community Member
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Room overheated

My husband and I went out for the evening and left our baby with a sitter. That night the baby woke up crying and when we investigated we found her soaking wet. My husband has a theory that while we were away our Nest thermostat when into Away Mode a...

jackie23 by Community Member
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Nest E

I keep getting messages from my nest e thermostat that the temperature is back to normal. This is not true, however, as the temperature is currently set at 68, but the actual temperature is only 50. We did have a boiler problem which was supposedly f...

Dtisch by Community Member
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