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Heat link h72

Heat link h72…., done all checks from previous links but looks like a faulty heat link. Can anyone help please, previously posted.

Morphman1 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat True Radiant

Hello! I have 3 nest smart thermostats in my house with radiant in floor heating. Since it takes 2+ hours to heat my house I keep the temp set at consistent 70 degrees. However when I wake up in the morning it can be ############ degrees due to the w...

Plastic tab on back broke off back of display

It looks like I am having the same issue with the little plastic tabs broke off the back of the nest display and I need to get a replacement plastic piece so that my nest does not fall off the wall. TIA.Similar to issue below 

TK1 by Community Member
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Faulty heatlink

Heatlink has power but is not functioning. 

Arch by Community Member
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Nest Learning - Heat Pump only calling cold air

Recently installed a Nest Learning and have had nothing but issues on my heat pump unit. I have tried both O and B settings but I cannot get the thermostat to call heat correctly. When the thermostat saying calling heat it calls cold air... I have ha...

JZ2845 by Community Member
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Nest Learning TStat (3rd) won't recognize wires

I received two 3rd generation learning thermostats for Christmas. I have one HVAC system, with TStats for upstairs and downstairs. They run through a Honeywell HZ311 control board. I installed the first unit (with C wire) without any problems. When i...

Nest thermostat runs only in manual mode for heating

The thermostats have been working fine till this morning. When I try to turn the thermostat up, it turns orange as expected and there is a "click" on the Heat Link. However nothing happens on the boiler. The thermostat then sits showing the room temp...

bbbiby by Community Member
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Nest getting too cold at night

I recently got a nest and finally thought I had the schedules and heat pump balance set correctly to keep my house a consistent temperature when I'm home, but this morning my thermostat was a full 10 degrees (F) below the scheduled temperature and ev...

Emily0245 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not tracking inside temperature history

I have been enjoying my Nest Thermostat very much, but it doesn't seem to be tracking the history of my inside temperature. I see it tracks the history of when my heating system is turned on and off - and for how long - and it shows what the target t...