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Nest Thermostats

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New home old nest

I just bought a house that has a nest. I’ll be remodeling the house for the next 3 months and haven’t installed wi-fi yet. The Nest was programmed by the prior owners and I’d like to do a factory reset because I just got an extremely high PG&E bill f...

Carecooks by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat short cycling heat.

After 2 years usage, Nest Thermostat short cycling heat, runs 2 minutes, shuts off for 45 seconds. I replaced the batteries, reinserted the wires, still have same issue. I kept original thermostat, so I installed it and heat ran as it should. I also ...

next wiring

I have 6 wires, and 2 of them are: 24c blue and red w2/0 What would be the best way for me to wire up my new thermostat.. I really do not want to blow it up??? thanks for your help

Heat link has no power

My heat link has no power no lights and h71 error - checked mains board nothing tripped - no work in property and no power cuts - heat link and nest less than 12 months old

Joett by Community Member
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How to turn eco off 

ARF by Community Member
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HomeAway intermittently works

I use the Nest app for two thermostats. I have had the thermostats for 2 to 3 years and the home/away used to work all the time. It now mostly fails to change to Away when I am away. I have turned it off and on and sometimes it works but mostly not. ...

DK2022 by Community Member
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Nest Hookup to C wire and R wire with jumper to RC

I have a 2015 Honeywell HVAC that has a blue wire connected to the C, and a red wire that is connected to the R with a jumper on it to the RC. I have other wires too, but they are not currently connected to anything. My question is how to connect to ...

LarryG by Community Member
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