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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thinks heating is on but boiler is off

Nest & boiler are both 5 years old.In the morning the nest shows as heating, but the boiler is off.The radiators are warm though so it has been on at some point in the early hours.If I turn the heating down then up on the nest then the boiler fires u...

hkymre by Community Member
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Thermostat isn’t working

My heat link and thermostat have become disconnected somehow and I cannot reconnect them. I have tried restarting the heat link multiple times and moving the thermostat closer.where do I go from here? Do I need to get a new heat link?

Jy3667 by Community Member
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Nest Home Report

I have accidentally deleted the Nest Home Report emails for October and November. . Does anyone know how I can get a copy for the last few months? I have called the Nest helpline but they said I could only look at my energy usage for the last 10 days...

Heat link not connecting no error

We have a heat link for about half a year now. But now it contantly gets an orange/yellow light. The thermostat does not display an error message and keeps trying to heat our home, but with the orange light, the heat link doesn't start up our heating...

Resolved! Heating Issues Problems

HiIf I turn my heating off at night will it automatically come on at a set time in the morning .?Because at the moment it doesn’t although you can see the schedule time .Also do I need to turn off auto schedule to do this ?Please help .Thank YouMBarr...

MBarry12 by Community Member
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Seasonal savings setting is worthless

I wanted to mention even though no one was there. Seasonal savings switched on.the heater and caused additional gas usage which was worthless.Please check seasonal savings

How to install a C-wire adapter for a dual transformer system

For the past two weeks, all 3 of my Us-based Nest thermostats began malfunctioning. Each showed the heat as not-on and set at 60F. But the radiator was clearly emitting low heat. The room temperature registered well above 60F. In another words, the t...

Mumsicles by Community Member
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Nest temp sensor relocate

I just received new Learning nest thermostat and three temp sensors. During setup, I put the devices in a "new" house. I couldn't see them on google home. I deleted that new house. Factory reset thermostat. Deleted wrong house. I have thermostat adde...