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Nest Thermostats

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Found unopened Nest (2nd Generation) - worth installing?

While doing some post-holiday cleaning, I stumbled across an unopened Nest that I don't recall receiving, from some years ago. I looked at the manuals on this site, and it appears to be a 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat. It refers to, whi...

SueFB by Community Member
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Did all troubleshooting and still thermostat continues to disconnect with Wi-Fi yet show good connection. Furnace goes on and off

Wogomon by Community Member
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For many decades my century old home employed a mechanical thermostat that was electrically connected to the heating system via one pair of wires which would close a circuit to turn the heat on or open the circuit to turn it off.Forty years ago I ins...

timbowtie by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat: which reset when you upgraded boiler

We remodeled our fixer upper house and upgraded our heat boiler+revamped the heat supply+wall insulation.Long story short, It is a massive upgrade and the house warms way faster (yeah)There are multiple reset on the thermostat.Which one should I do t...

Romain by Community Member
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Heatlink connection lost no blue light

After 8 months my thermostat will not connect to the heat link despite being connected to the WiFi. I have read that I need to get the blue blinking light on the heatlink to re connect but if the three lights on the device, none are blue. The top one...

Familyguy by Community Member
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Nest thermostat says no power

Ok, so we have 2 separate furnace/ac systems 1st floor and 2nd floor. Installed Nest Learning thermostats in both locations, 2nd floor working perfectly. The 1st floor is problematic. It runs for a while then I get e74 message, no power in the line. ...

Mike-Mass by Community Member
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