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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat

I have installed new nest thermostat, it works fine ( no error messages) It tells me wifi connection has to be thru Google home . I cannot get Wi-Fi connection . I have gone thru the instructions on Google home and it just keeps trying to find a devi...

RIB by Community Member
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Google nest.

Biggest piece of junk I’ve ever bought. Stay away

Steve836 by Community Member
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Setup Nest Thermostat without app?

I bought & installed thermostat, without using the app. Working well. It wasn’t connecting it to the app, so I reset it. Now it says “continue Setup in google home app” which still can’t connect to it. I think I need a C-wire adapter. IN THE MEANTIME...

Covey by Community Member
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Trane XV90 Compatibility

 Hello,I was wondering if there is any Nest thermostat that is compatible with a Trane XV90. I am open to any Nest or smart thermostat.The wires run to my current Trane thermostat are:Y2 - orange, W2 - black, R - red, W1 - white, Y - yellow, G - gree...


New to Nest and Google Home

I installed the Learning Nest gen 3 thermostat yesterday- easy-peasy, had it working about 20 minutes after opening the package. Can't test AC functionality now because it's too cold out.I am in a cold climate and heating now. I have ceiling fans in ...

mrehorst by Community Member
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My Nest app

My Nest app used to work remotely and I could see the temperature of the house across town that I rent. And I could adjust the temperature using my app. I can no longer do that as of a week ago can anyone help me?

Kkddolan by Community Member
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