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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat Sensors

Figured I would join the bandwagon and post hoping it brings more attention to the lack of innovation with the Nest products. As others have stated, other competitors have other capabilities with the thermostat sensor's, ex. Averaging the temperature...

Srass by Community Member
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Heat pump reversing valve

My heat pump reversing valve will not switch to cool mode because there is no signal from my Nest 3 Learning Thermostat. Has anyone else run into this or a similar problem? Replacing the Nest thermostat with a standard thermostat resolved the problem...

sjohn64290 by Community Member
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Schedule temperature for 10 days out

I am leaving for vacation and will be gone for more than a week. I'd like to be able to set the thermostat to turn back up in time for the home to be warm when I arrive, but I can't do that until the day I want it to turn back up is within 7 days.

pcarleton by Community Member
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dual fuel with Y W G R O(connected to B) wires don't provide good solution for the wiring. There's no C connection in the old thermostats.There are Y W G R wires and Brown color(may be orange) wire is connected to B. while O is not connected.  I heard that the furnace is dual fuel ...

ofreunde by Community Member
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Alexa and Google nest

Hi everyone. Here's my problem I've connected my Google nest to alexa. I can get it to turn off, but when I want to turn on with alexa it doesn't find it any help much appreciated thanks

Ianrm by Community Member
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CWire question on multizone heating system

I want to install a nest thermostat to control the 3 zones in my house. But there isn’t a CWire currently connected to my existing thermostats and when I installed the first NEST, it said it wasn’t getting enough power. But I DO have an extra wire in...

4E7B3480-A93B-419D-83E6-877D76327EAA.jpeg 8A3D766F-D638-42CA-813D-E9F846D3966E.jpeg
Jdorow by Community Member
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Only heat works

My heat works great when I turn it to the AC it comes on and immediately shuts off after 30 seconds

Nmc862 by Community Member
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Can someone help me figure out what’s wrong here

I used a photo of my Honeywell thermostat connection to rewire my nest. Doing the best I can matching what I had to what I have now. It seems like everything is in the correct spot but when I got to the test section of the set up, when I tested the h...