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Nest Thermostats

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A/C not working on new install

Brand new install, zoned system, downstairs have a 5 wire nest learning thermostat and upstairs I have the less expensive nest thermostat. I am having issues with the one upstairs. I have tried two separate nest thermostats and they both will work fo...

Pdq1966 by Community Member
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Nest logged me out

My Nest app logged me out and now I cannot log in. No password reset email shows up in my email and I cannot connect to my Nest with a different email. Is there a contact number to call?

Hohmann_k by Community Member
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Resolved! Water boiler working at night without being scheduled

Hello,I have noticed that my water boiler often works during night, I am a light sleeper and noise waking me up. I have change the schedule, removed water heating all together but nothing works. can you please help me to understand why it works witho...

Kristina by Community Member
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2 zones working, one zone not working

installed three nests for three zones about 5 weeks ago. currently the first and second zones are working and receiving cold airthe third zone says "cooling", yet it is not happening. two went in the room are providing minimal cool air and two vents ...

Mkirkman by Community Member
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How to change Rush Hour times

Is there a way to change or manually set the Rush Hour time? Currently it activates 4-9 pm, during the hottest part of the summer day. I have enough solar panels to run my AC until at least 7 pm during the summer, so I don't want Rush Hour to disable...

RCS by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest not turning on ac condenser, not cooling

Ac not turning on, heat works fine. Have checked wiring, have reset breaker and thermostat. Problem is I just moved here so I don’t know the original wiring. Unit is new.I wonder if I have the same issue as Keli as posted a week ago, buy I don’t unde...

Lola2 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest will not connect to the internet

Help, I have 2 Nest Learning 3rd Generation Thermostats. One will no longer connect to the internet. I have tried everything up to resetting my modem. One of the thermostats is connected and the other one will not. Any suggestions? Or has this thermo...

Nest 3rd Gen Faults & Failures

When I installed my Nest originally I ended up having to change the multi-conductor cable from a 4 to a 5 to get a common for proper battery charging.Most people don't realize the other problem is that the integrated relays for the (call for heat &2n...

Screenshot_20220623-132504_Video Player.jpg
TPOW by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

Is this wiring compatible with nest thermostat what can do with jumper wire please reply thanks  

Shivsuhan by Community Member
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