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Nest Thermostats

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Old email address with no access to in my Nest app

My nest thermostat app is asking me to sign in to my account the problem is I have an old email address I no longer have access to associated with my account. When I put in my old email and password they are sending the sign in security code to the o...

Multiple zones

What is the best way to connect a 7 zone system to the nest app? Ive Replaced 5 out of 7 thermostats and had to create a different “home” to add each thermostat to the app. I still have 2 to add but I noticed the app mentioned I reached my max amount...

Jbk by Community Member
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Nest thermostat blowing cold air in heat mode

New install of Nest Learning Thermostat and we are getting cold air blowing. I’ve read through the posts but not many resolutions , so would appreciate any help!! Photos of old and new wiring attached.  

E0A75C41-8D31-4E68-973E-6604DF5413B9.jpeg E66F0876-F5DF-46E7-94BD-6160513DE82C.jpeg
Cali2021 by Community Member
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Change MODE on Thermostat not available

I tried to change the mode from "Heat / Cool" to "Heat" but for some reason it is no longer available on the Thermostat. If I turn the dial it only shows temperature and not "Settings" menu. I had to adjust it from the computer. So far I can't find a...


Why is it when we have it on heat the AC runs but we can turn it on emergency heat and get the heat to come on we do have Electric forced air with a heat pump checked the wiring in the furnace and everything looks to be hooked up it worked prior to c...

Rickw330 by Community Member
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Don’t have orange wire

We got everything hooked up and noticed that the system only runs cool air even when on heat. We noticed that we do not have an orange wire in the hook up. What should we do?

hogan1292 by Community Member
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W5 error

My Nest Learning Thermostat will not connect. It doesn't see any wifi networks when every other device shows dozens. I have done the factory reset and run through all of the suggestions. Please advise

hellerbz by Community Member
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