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Nest Thermostats

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Wrong outside temperature

Hello,I've a problem with my Nest Thermostat: the outside temperature is definitely wrong.There is a difference of 9-10 degrees with the real one. (took by website and manually measured)I already tried to change the zip code of the city, tried to sea...

fabreg by Community Member
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My nest thermostat humidity 0%

I am based in EU.I bought the nest thermostat and after 2 weeks the humidity is expressed as 0%.I have tried to restart and then to reset Nest thermostat but the humidity level is still 0.How am I supposed to handle this?

Adrian1 by Community Member
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Google Nest installation

I am trying to install my new Nest learning thermostat. MY old thermostat had a jumper from W2 to Y2 and Rc to RH. Other wires then included, Y1, W1, G, R and C (no heat pump). I have 2 breakers on my panel and it just doesn't seem to work (after muc...

JenFord61 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest thermostats e won’t start up

I have two nest thermostats has not turned on at allthe other is stuck on home icon screen.i pushed them and the first one does nothing and the second just restarts and is stuck knob the same screen can this be fixed ?thanks!

Shabbat Mode

It would be really helpful if the Nest accommodated Sabbath observant customers by having a Shabbat mode. All this means is that you'd have the ability to pre-program the nest so that the motion sensors automatically turn off from 20 minutes before S...

MMarcus by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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My Thermostat all of a sudden reads: Save more at homenextCan’t get it to display temp anymore

Msilvest by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Thermostat stuck

My thermostat is stuck on startup. Removed batteries and restarted. Goes right back to the same spot. Thermostat seems to be working in the background. I can connect via google home. ???? 

maglioni by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Just received a replacement thermosat as my old one couldn't find any wifi connection. So I connected the new one to my exiting heat link and I've lost the option for hot water on the app, as i have a combi boiler. My old thermosat worked fine on the...

Haroon by Community Member
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