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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Learning thermostat

How do I know what generation I own of a Nest Learning Thermostat, so I can download the helpful information for the thermostat that I recently purchased.

mm1945 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Google Home app won’t find wifi to connect second thermostat. No problem syncing first one but on second one the app will only look for nearby nest devices instead of wifi and claims to not find any even though first thermostat is connected to wifi.

SusanB by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not holding temperature during the day

While working at home, I am often in my office for hours at a time. Even though I (and my phone) are in the house, if I don't walk past the thermostat periodically, the temp drops to uncomfortable levels. Then, when I do get up and the Nest senses mo...

Todd_B by Community Member
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Can’t add new thermostat to nest app

Can’t get the thermostat to add to my Nest app. I have one already in my home and adding a second one but won’t connect after several attempts. Please help.

PTJ by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Bricked

Wife said heat wasn't coming on...went downstairs, thermostat just sitting at the "House" ...Tried all the reset procedures. Any ideas? Display is 2.8, backplate is 2.8, Software = 5.9.4-5 Sept 24, 2019

nest learning thermostat: the password has changed for the network

i installed two thermostats today. i added the first via the app, copy-pasted my network password into it, everything seemed to work... then it popped a message saying "the password has changed for the network " . so okay, i "typed" it in manually vi...

scott7 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat wiring doubt

Hi I wanted to make sure my wiring are correct with heat pump. I am confused how to connect with W1/O/B and W2. I have setup Nest Thermostat as below picture.

Screenshot_20220110-142243_Home.jpg Screenshot_20220110-142044_Home.jpg Nest.jpg 20211230_171244.jpg
kums by Community Member
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2 Heat Links from one thermostat

Is it possible to connect 2 heat links to the one thermostat?ive got an MVHR that has its heater battery enable via the heat link. the hot water cylinder has an immersion heater that is currently on 24/7. the MVHR with the heat link is in the third f...

Mgrover by Community Member
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Heat link 2nd generation no lights

Nest thermostat showing H71 errorNest heat link showing no lights.Powered off/on Held button down for 20 secondsNo changeCan you order a replacement?

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