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Nest Thermostats

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Wiring Nest Thermostat with Rheem RQPM-A036JK

I am familiar with the concept of the C wire and how things will work, but I am unsure exactly how to wire the Nest Power Connector at the heat pump because it has too many wires labelled C. It is a Rheem RQPM-A036JK. I hope to hook it up today becau...

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LDempke by Community Member
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App not working

App isn’t working. Thermostat works fine but can’t connect to app at all. Every time I try it says having connection issues try again in a few minutes. I believe there is a major problem with Google cloud which may be directly effecting the app. Not ...

Render06 by Community Member
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My thermostat that is a year old became unresponsive. I worked with Google in a chat session for over an hour trying to fix and was unable to. I then had to call my HVAC to come look at the issue. They said the entire system is working fine and narro...

Heat link no working

Had nest 3rd gen with heatlink working no problems for 15 months, now suddenly heatlink is not working, no lights

Once again both of my Nest thermostats are unresponsive

If I walk up to the thermostat, it looks normal.My wifi+internet is working just fine.if I ask Alexa to adjust or tell me the temperature, she responds with "Downstairs isn't responding."The Google Home app shows a "Indoor 0" with a gray circular sli...

Benrub by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat V3

Just bought a new Nest Learning 3rd generation thermostat and will be hooking it up soon. I have a single stage American Standard heat pump and a 2 stage American Standard natural gas furnace. I have looked and can not find an answer on if this will ...

Furnace.jpg PXL_20201222_150441954.jpg

Nest Learning thermostat 3rd Gen with Bosch Condens 2300 W

Hi guys, did anyone have any experience with connecting the Nest to the gas boiler from Bosch, model Condens 2300 W?I am having a hard time with the installation because my old thermostat only had 2 wires (COMM and NO) and I did not receive any signi...

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Harun by Community Member
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