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I am trying to find out if the nest works with my system?

Chestnut7 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat Install help - Wiring

 Hi everyone. Hoping someone may be able to help. I've had a nest learning thermostat for a few years now, has worked flawlessly. I recently moved and will be installing it in my new place, but I'm a bit confused on the wiring(see attached image) as ...

nes1 by Community Member
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Not heating

Thermostat reading not accurate! Set at 68 but only reading at 64 degrees all night. Orange heating light on but not heating to set temp.

Peeps by Community Member
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Google nest issues with heating

My old thermostat had wire connecting slots for RH and RC using one single red cable connecting both of them. My new google nest only has a R wire slot now my heat isn’t working. Can anyone help?

Jrayo2m by Community Member
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Nest- HVAC doesn't have c terminal

My thermostat doesn't have C wiring so Google sent me a nest power connector. My issue is that my heating only boiler does not have a c terminal. The nest seems to detect the red and the white wires but not the C wire as I don't know where to connect...

Single wire used for RH and RC dual transformers

I have an old thermostat that has a single red wire serving the RC and RH connections. The wire was stripped such that it can wrap around the RC set before terminating on RH. The other wires are G, Y, and W. The air is a different unit from the force...

mikruh4 by Community Member
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W5 connection error. Fried chip?

Nest was working fine last winter but now showing a W5 error even after a reset and following all other troubleshooting steps. Running software version 6.2-22 but had the aforementioned connection error since the last update. Does not pick up a netwo...

afmrak by Community Member
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Connectivity issue and temperature incorrect

Multiple times in the past few weeks my Nest thermostat disconnects from WiFi. I have reset our router, restarted the Nest and checked battery levels. All are correct. The battery today was at 3.704. Each time I have used a charger directly to the Ne...

Dino by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Red Blinking Light on Nest

My thermostat says low battery and it won’t connect to Wifi. I’ve charged it off the base, reset it, restarted and nothing. And it’s COLD outside. I get heat for a couple of minutes and then the blinking red light is back. Don’t know what to do. The ...

Jennyc1110 by Community Member
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