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Nest Thermostats

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Both Thermostasts went black

Hellow all. And thanks in advance:I live in the US, and I have:1x Nest Learning Thermostat 2nd gen1x Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd genBoth are just for heat.I wasn't looking at them because I hadn't needed heat. Today I wanted to turn the heat up a bi...

Do I need a HVAC professional?

Its not clear to me how to wire this system with a Nest thermostat. When I use the ap to install it asks questions that do not align with the system I have. Do I need a HVAC expert to install and before I do, can I even use the nest?  

Honeywell Thermostat Wires (3).jpg
Cyklein by Community Member
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nest thermostat kept heat on

Nest learning thermostat will not turn heat off. Its on farenheight, with new signal cable, new burner control unit. Was set to 62 (outside temp. 25 - 30 f). Had house up to 85 - 90 f.

Jb6616 by Community Member
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Resolved! 2 Hour Delay

Hey its super hot out and every time I turn the cooling on it says delayed and then it says 2+ HR. Why isn't it turning on? I have all the eco mode stuff off, home assist away is off, and I have reset the thermostat. The thermostat was installed befo...

Resolved! Nest will not see or connect to Wi-Fi, it was set up, ran, then dropped Wi-Fi and sees none now…

Have one nest on the first floor (Master Bedroom) and a second nest on the second floor (Above Garage Bonus Room). They were both connected to wifi and the app and working fine. Until one day about a week ago the nest on the first floor randomly disc...

HeyRefBob by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest says no power at c

My nest says no power at c.. tested voltage at thermostat base plate and shows 24v. Reran wire, still 24vwith code 79. Bought another nest thinking it was an issue with base... Still says no power. Please help.

Nestdogg82 by Community Member
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