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Nest Thermostat E with Honeywell 9400C

Hello there,I ran through the compatibility checker at and it seemed that the Nest Thermostat E was compatible with the Honeywell ST9400C. However, I think the Honeywell unit has the Wifi built in to the thermostat transmitter, which ...

zingfharn by Community Member
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I bought a nest thermostat and I bought a cwire connector.. I then paid 100$ for a guy to come install it.. when he first got here he said it wasn’t compatible then after a call with his boss he made the thermostat work.. he said he didn’t need the c...

Wickitt by Community Member
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Continuous disconnection from WiFi

I have two thermostat one in my bedroom and one in aisle.The one in bedroom keeps disconnecting from WiFi. I already bought a WiFi extender just to be sure the signal of WiFi connection is stronger but no luck. It still disconnecting. Sometimes for a...

fabreg by Community Member
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Nest sensor override doesn't stick

I have a sensor schedule set up, but (as many have pointed out on the forum) the Night schedule running from 9pm-7am doesn't really work for me. So I tend to override it ad-hoc.Right now the Night schedule is set to use a sensor in my bedroom. Twice ...

floomi by Community Member
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Wiring help

Hi, I have York HVAC system and my thermostat shows R, C, A+ and B- wires. Picture attached. Is my system compatible? I opened HVAC board and it shows same wires and labels. If rewiring required, do you who can come and estimate the cost first? 

Raks by Community Member
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Set the minimum and maximum temperatures in the app?

My cabin has a safety temperature set at 40 degree and I set the min and max temperatures at 50 and 105. It appears that the heat is coming on at 50 degrees much more than we wanted and it is 3 hours away from our house. We want to change the minimum...

jrhanley by Community Member
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Air conditioning

My current Honeywell thermostat has 2 wires. One is Red to the R and Rc connection and a White wire to the C connection. It controls both heat and AC. I put in my new Nest with the power connector but I do not see the option for air on the thermostat...