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2 wires only! Nest won’t work

My boiler zones for radiant heat just keep clicking on and off, on and off when the Nest is installed. The test of heat works fine, but when I’m out of test mode the boiler relays are not happy. There is no common ground wire, just a red and a white ...

Marcus571 by Community Member
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Wiring issues w/my next thermostat

Pls help! I'm a single mom of 3 and I have limited funds. I reached out to an hvac/electrician and they wanted to charge me $200 just to come to my house and look at my system and tell me what to do! I installed an adapter foe the c-wire because the ...


to sign in Nest asks for a code.I have no feedback from Nest regarding this code. However my email address is good.

Schacher by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat

My 2nd floor Thermostat will not turn on. I have tried to charge it and it works for a few hours then cut back off. Now it won't charge at all. I have only had the product for 1 yr. What could be causing this issue?

tcjj86 by Community Member
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Temperature sensor

Why do I receive this msg when trying to add the sensor? “This temperature sensor needs a nest thermostat. You’ll need to set up a nest thermostat e or a 3rd generation near thermostat”I have the learn thermostat but

Gscott13 by Community Member
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