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Google nest e display

Hello,is there a way to change temperature displayed so room temperature is in larger format...seems rather small and have to get fairly close to be able to read it?

Curtb by Community Member
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Nest E heat link

Heat Link won’t connect to thermostat. WIFI is perfect so no issue there. I’ve rebooted everything and started again, even put new lithium batteries in. Connected the thermostat to the APP with no problem. Get a code TH026 every time I try to connect...

MikeyC by Community Member
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New Thermostat

I am using the nest thermostat at both locations, the Google Home App is on my Samsung AOS2 phone, I am not saying it won't hold the same temperature. It is just the opposite, at location A I have a hold via eco for 56 degrees, at location B I want a...

mrelmo by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not charging

I have a 1st generation learning thermostat which worked wonderfully until I upgraded to AT&T’s fiber optic. I don’t know if there is any relationship here, but since then the thermostat won’t (1) stay connected to the wifi and (2) won’t keep its cha...

EVC2022 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat warranty

Hello, I bought a Nest thermostat which no longer works but is still under warranty until November 2022, but I don't know how to contact the supplier (internet purchase)... I try to use this link

regis by Community Member
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Worchester 800 life

I'm thinking about getting a nest thermostat to put on my worchester 8000 35kw life combi. I know that worchester boilers ant opentherm compatible and they use EMS bus to modulate the boiler flow temps. The nest would work as a on off thermostat but ...

Ojc by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermo Learning not working correctly!

  good evening!!in looking at my wiring it appears I have wires that are not accurate. Attached are pictures of my old and current set up. Can someone please assist? thank you!!

5CEC0485-BCD7-4427-BCC2-BC82EE87EC38.jpeg E497561D-FD56-43F2-BBE8-B24A70748EED.jpeg

Heat Link not working after factory reset

Nest Thermostat showed no connection with heat link which had an Amber light at the top. Reset the heat link... No joy. Reset to factory setting. One green light up on heat sink. Thermostat working fine. Shows connection to heat link OK. Heating runn...

Omer10 by Community Member
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Resolved! I have an extremely basic question

I have my thermostats set up to have an at home temperature of 68 degrees and away temperature of 65. Does this work only in Eco mode or does it work in "regular" mode.And if it does work in regular mode then what is Eco mode?

Dflak by Community Member
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