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Cameras and Doorbells

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New updates to Google Home for camera users: new AI image detection, requested f... Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out into Public Preview for ... Read more

Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Resolved! Nest. Cam trouble.

I have two older nest cameras and a new generation ring nest camera at the front door. I also have a nest aware subscription so I can see all three cameras working properly. However, when I go to the HISTORY under my older nest cameras and the new ne...

Folsomjb by Community Member
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Nest cam, Nest protect, Google Home and Google Nest

So my new Google Nest cam isn't compatible with the Google Nest app and I have to use the Google Home app. My Google Nest Protect isn't compatible with Google Home and I have to use Google Nest. If this is right, I have to use two different apps for ...

Nest wired camera won’t connect to wifi anymore

My nest wired camera stopped connecting to wifi yesterday. I went through all the recommended troubleshooting and it won’t connect. Two other cameras (same distance) are working fine and everything else in the house is connecting fine to wifi. no ide...

Bhalvers by Community Member
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Google Home app does not recognize Nest cam 2nd gen

Hi there,I have a nest cam 2nd gen for 2 years by now and always worked fine. Thing is that we recently changed home address and internet provider and now home app does not recognize cam anymore and not idea how to reset from factory, as cannot find ...

Exposed wire

 this is my outdoor cam. Camera stopped working and then I noticed exposed wires. Is this a safety hazard? Are you able to replace it?  

IMG_1934.jpeg IMG_1932.jpeg

Only receive notifications for unfamiliar faces

I realize this has been asked before, but the moderators keep closing the threads without understanding the point.I am asking for a new feature, to only receive a "person" detection if the face is an unfamiliar one that I haven't identified previousl...

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