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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat

A friend of mine bought an additional slave Nest Thermostat that connects wirelessly to the main Thermostat allowing separately scheduled control of another part of the house. I can't see this on the product list. Does anyone know if it's still avail...

Nest Pro ID

How do I get past the Pro ID to program my thermostat for a humidifier. If the answer is to pay someone to put in their ID then I will return the thermostat.

Ecoli by Community Member
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Thermostat device ID

Where/how can I find the "Device ID" of my 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat.I've looked on the device's menu, in the Google Home App, and in the Web App. Apparently in each of these one selects the "Technical Info" and it should be shown, but I only ...

JerryFr by Community Member
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Fan won't stop running

Purchased a home with the Nest. When I manually turn on the heat, it works great, but once it reaches the right temperature, the fan keeps running. The app won't let me turn it off, but only gives me an option to run it for a certain amount of time. ...

KMA by Community Member
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termostato nest learning

hola saludos, tengo un problema para acceder a una cuenta de nest, cuando coloco el correo me dice el siguiente mensajetu cuenta nest no se puede migrar a una cuenta de g suite usa tu cuenta personal de google

ronny by Community Member
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Learning thermostat

I just installed my Nest Learning thermostat. When I set it up, it automatically chose that I have a heat-pump but I have a gas system. I can't find anywhere on the system to change the setting. How do I change the settings so that my new thermostat ...

Problem reconnecting a thermostat to iPhone app

Hi after a power outage I lost access to my nest learning thermostat on my iPhone but can still access it remotely in my iPad. The account for the thermostat is showing on my phone but no recognition that there is a thermostat attached to the account...

Woodywood by Community Member
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