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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest app not showing temperatures or any thermostat controls

My Nest app has worked great on my iPhone for two years, and out of the blue, it no longer controls my thermostat. It shows I have a “Home”, but there are no temperatures showing except the outside air in my location. How do I get it to connect with ...

Cjandsara by Community Member
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Nest thermostat connection to air conditioner

We installed a new 2-stage furnace as well as an air conditioning unit. When we set the Nest thermostat to "cool", it starts out working fine and sending cooling air through the vents. However, after about an hour, it starts to send warm air through ...

dsfnsf by Community Member
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Nest thermostat won't use manual schedule

I have set a 7 day schedule for our Nest system. We have upstairs and downstairs units on different schedules. Eco mode is off and so is the Home/Away assist on both. Date and time are accurate. Yet, the thermostat won't follow the schedule. Why won'...

abfonsy by Community Member
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E30 error no power to Y1

Received an E30 error Y1 error! Checked and cleaned the drain line and pan, replaced the low voltage purple fuse, cleaned and stripped all of the wires going into backplate of the nest thermostat. The furnance and ac unit are 17 months old.

Fredjv by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Please unlock thread “Trying to add power connector”

Added power connector to P4 on burnham furnace. No error messages. Nest working normally. Power connector detected. Removed lead from envirocom port that Burnham recommended and spliced into P4 as instructed. Now batteries drained every three weeks. ...

es114 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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W5 error and unable to reach contact support

Tried multiple times to get rid of this error. Also tried using the call and chat options which continually advise it’s out of business hours even though the hours Advise almost 24/7. How on Earth and i meant to fix this?

Hayleyh by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Replacement heat link Ireland

HiMy 2nd gen heat link has died and I'd like to purchase a replacement. I've had the unit for 4 years. How can I get one in Ireland/EU Thanks

Nest turning off at random

My nest randomly turns itself off. It doesn't give me any wiring codes when it turns back on, it just simply says "your wiring has changed." It's like it's not keeping power, but if I try to charge it with a USB, it doesn't charge. So I take it off t...

Nest Thermostat E with TACO ZVC406-EXP zone valve

I have a TACO ZVC406-EXP zone valve controller and want to upgrade my current thermostats with Nest E. I have 2 wires running to the thermostat RC and W. When i switch them out with the nest E, i have nothing at all, the thermostat will not power on....

KapDAS by Community Member
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