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Temperature Sensor Trouble-Shooting Information

Hi, I just wanted to say that the information that allowed me to fix the issue with my temperature sensor not connecting to my Nest Learning Thermostat was not found in the standard help/trouble-shooting information but instead in a community Q/A thr...

No partner connection

My Nest thermostat was not connecting to Alexa. I deleted the "Partner Connection", thinking it would reset. Now It doesn't show my partner connection. Should I reinstall Google Home?

ChrisH2 by Community Member
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Emails saying 'your home address will be updated'

I received two email last night from a Nest no reply account saying 'Your address in the Nest app will be updated based on your address in the Google Home app' and warning that things might stop working. However, I have changed nothing since the Nest...

Replacing Learning T. with G4CVZ model

Hi,When we moved into our house 2 years ago it had had the Learning Thermostat 3rd gen installed without a plate cover. It worked perfectly until my husband unmounted it to install the cover and even when he took a photo of the wiring before that whe...

Lacoet by Community Member
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I want a refund!! How do I go about this?

Hi,I had a Nest Learning Thermostat installed several months ago in the UK to try to save on energy bills but the whole thing has been useless. Various issues including: - The hearing comes on randomly when not scheduled to do so and when it is warm ...

Nest Thermostat Delayed 2-1/2 Hours

Hello. I have had my thermostat for 4 years. The last 4 months it shows 2-1/2 delay every time we try to heat the house but never turns on. Basically our thermostat has completely stopped working and we can’t figure it out. Have tried removing the ap...

Coco3786 by Community Member
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Honeywell brown E wire?

i was able to map all the wires from my Honeywell thermostat to the nest except for a brown wire that is mapped to E on the Honeywell. Should I map it to Y2 on the Nest?

Pcalandra by Community Member
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Automatically switch fuel type based on schedule

Hi, we have a system with a heat pump and auxiliary furnace heating and we are on a time-of-day rate plan for electric (meaning that electricity is cheapest from midnight - 3pm). I'd like to take advantage of electric heating during off-peak hours an...

zaphod by Community Member
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