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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Not holding power

I’ve take this thing off and charged this thing manually, restarted it, cleared it and started over from scratch and resigned on, adjusted wires (it has a c wire)IT. WILL, NOT. STAY. CHARGED. It constantly goes off line and says it has too low of bat...

2 wire thermostat

I have straight baseboard heatng with a 2 wire thermostat. I need a common. Luckily I have a spare wire. Where do I tie the spare conductor in at the boiler to get common

Ajm by Community Member
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One Eco mode to rule them all

Hello,I've had a bad experience with the Nest thermostat and found what I believe to be a fairly critical glitch under specific circumstances. I live in Canada and we are in the dead of winter. We have a wood stove which we use generally as the prima...

Nest 2020 Short Cycling Furnace

Hi all,I felt the need to share my recent experience in installing my Google Nest Thermostat 2020, and the issues and eventual solution to the problem I was having.On 12/28/21, my wife and I decided to buy a Google Nest from Lowe's, as we're starting...

TJC129 by Community Member
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Nest App Thermostat Offline

I own a two Nest Thermostat (Gen 1), a Google Nest Hello Doorbell and a Nest Protect.This could be coincidence, but ever since we install the our new Google Nest Hello Doorbell, our Nest Thermostat has been consistently offline for almost ###########...

Grabino by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat gen3 weird power issue

After installing this new Nest learning thermostat, my furnace started to behave weirdly: when the temperature falls, the furnace turns on and the blower turns on, but then both the furnace and blower would suddenly turn off at the same time after be...

Min by Community Member
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Still waiting for refund

Expecting a refund within ############ days of sending an invoice for getting heat link replaced due to fault. Nearly 6 weeks later, everytime I speak to someone I get told it's with the senior team. Can anyone help?

sarah3212k by Community Member
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App showing off line Nest Learning Thermostat

My new thermostat shows it’s online and connects to another sensor no problem but the app shows that it’s not online. My phone and thermostat are on same Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi is working fine. I have the latest update for the app. Installed thermostat...

Schwarze by Community Member
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Is the constant power to the thermostat 24v and is the power wire coming from the board of furnace or off the transformer?