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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat E Display Won’t Turn On

I must be doing something wrong here….I have purchased a second hand (known to work) Nest Thermostat E but the display (the component that shows the temperature etc) won’t turn on (i.e doesn’t light up with a little house) when plugged in so I can’t ...

Maxwilde by Community Member
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Power outages require manual fix of thermostat

Every time power is lost for 2-6 hours my nest thermostat does not come back online. I am using it to remotely monitor my home temps and furnace while away for for several months. My Wifi modem and router have restarted and shows several other items ...

EAF by Community Member
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How do I add a second phone to the Home/Away assist so my thermostat doesn’t go down when I leave the house but my wife is still at home?

Nallysd54 by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat coming on when not sheduled

We have a schedule set up and has been working fine until the last couple of days the heating is boosting it's self to 21 at midnight when it is schedule to stay off at 22:45 and not come back on till 6:30 . We have all the settings off , true heat ,...

Nc1986 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat

Is it possible to add a person in the household to additionally control the thermostat with the Nest app on their phone? How?


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Mrarshu by Community Member
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heating and cooling turns on at the same time

I replaced a Honeywell thermostat with a NEST learning thermostat but now the AC is turned on together with the heatThe issue is somewhat similar to

wpelgrum by Community Member
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