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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Resolved! Nest Thermostat

Can temperature settings on the Nest thermostat be changed from a remote location? For example: when away from home.

SalG by Community Member
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Help with Nest Thermostat

My Nest Thermostat will not cool. I’ve never had an issue and then yesterday the AC will not cool. I set the desired temperature, get the blue screen that says 50mins until desired temp, but it doesn’t budge. Newborn baby in the house and need a fix ...

Nest home/away

Can you have multiple cell phones (one Android, one Apple) connected to nest for purposes of using home/away detection. Specifically if I am away from the house but my wife is home I would want the nest thermostat to function as if someone is home. T...

dlewinter by Community Member
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Nest Gen 3 Heating and hot water logic

I have a nest Gen 3 nest thermostat hooked up to an oil fired boiler which heats the radiators in our house and also hot water cylinder.I can schedule both heating and hot water tank separately and they work just fine. However with oil prices through...

LukeDB by Community Member
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Nest app not showing current temperature

Will the iOS Nest app ever advance to the point where it will be able to report the current temperature?I am unable to currently see this when on the dual Heat/Cool mode.

Dudemm by Community Member
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Resolved! E195 Says R connection, got it rewired

Hi All:After more than a year of use our Nest Thermostat E seemingly lost connection to the furnace. Got an E195 code and mentioned R. We found that if we turned off the manual emergency swtich to the furnace waited a minute or then turned it back on...

Turn off energy saver

I work from home and nest does know know I am home working on 2nd floor. Nest adjusts cooling to ECO settings thinking I am away. I have to run downstairs to adjust cooling to 73 and then they cycle repeats itself.What am I doing wrong? Thanks Hothea...

KDR241 by Community Member
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Nest temperature sensor fails to connect to thermostat-E

I am unable to make the connection work between the Nest Temp Sensor and Thermostat-E. The thermostat is functioning and connected to the internet. I tried to add the temp sensor using Nest App, Add products. After scanning the Q-Code, a message appe...

tito77 by Community Member
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