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Nest Thermostats

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Tempeture difference

Ill like to know how to change the temperature difference 1 of the thermostats has a 10 degrees difference to activate either cooling or heating when it should have around 3 to 5 degrees

Tarzan35 by Community Member
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Eco slider

The app wont allow me to set cooling temperature below 76. This is a new issue.

dmross by Community Member
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Resolved! Maintaining temperature

This is kind of a stupid question, but I've noticed that when I turn my ac on before going to bed that it only cools my place to my set temperature once, and then shuts off while I'm sleeping for the rest of the night, so I wake up in a hot place (at...

Google is too cheap to support their own products

It's crazy that I invested in these products, considering the billion-dollar company that sells them can't even muster enough care to support their products. Community support for free products and services? Fine. Community support for products and s...

ihatethis by Community Member
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My Nest Heatlink is totally dead

Hi there, I have had a electrician round and British Gas to help fix my heating issues, both have said the unit is totally dead and needs a replacement, I have tried to call 0808 169 2307 several times for several days since last week and can you bel...

Busbeon by Community Member
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Since iPhone update the app has lost my thermostat on my phone. The add device function doesn’t work because the stat is connected to the wife’s phone. Hence won’t give me a code to add device. The stat just says connected. Do i have to full reset an...

Dazzafaz by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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How can I see my sensor temperature history

I'm looking to optimize my central air and need the historical data from the sensors Can you please advise how can I see the historical temp measurements in the different rooms across time? Thanks!

youli by Community Member
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Eco Temps Never End?

I use the home away function only on my two nest protects that are in the second floor bedrooms. I don't use my phone or the thermostat for the home away function. After nest has gone to away, my thermostat will go to Eco temperatures. But sometimes ...

Bacon by Community Member
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Thermostat says cooling but stuck on the same temp for hours

I just installed my nest 3rd gen learning thermostat yesterday. There is only four wires: Y, G, W, R (jumper to RC) on the original thermostat pictured here:'s what it currently shows on the nest: ca...

m3ganlove by Community Member
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