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Nest Thermostats

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Nest schedule

Hello, does anyone know how to create a schedule that the Nest thermostat for my garage heat is only running from 10pm-6am. The rest of the time it should be turned off. There doesn’t appear to be a way to create a temperature preset below 50 degrees...

Chris2208 by Community Member
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Help With Odd Nest Power Connector Wiring

Hi y'all,I have 2 nest thermostats and an HVAC system with no zones - one thermostat is for heating and the other for cooling. Both complain about no power / C wire and therefore don't connect to wifi and burn through batteries. I got a Nest Power Co...

Kirete by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

My Thermostat suddenly shows(a HEART)"Save more at home"(a NEXT button)rather than showing the usual display of the Fahrenheit temperature! How do I correct this? Thank you!David

Temperature sensor

My temperature sensor is offline, I can't find the check connection on the app or how to reconnect the sensor!!! I need assistance.

tuquik by Community Member
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Remove a home from Nest

I tried to help a friend to get her furnace working on an investment property they bought my adding the home to my Nest account. It didn’t work and now I have the home on my nest- I’d like to delete it but am unable. Any help is much appreciated

Bethleety by Community Member
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Nest thermostats

Anyone know why my nest thermostat has all of a sudden stopped connecting to heat pad and wireless network....ive followed instruction to try to reconnect it but it won't reconnect

Lj69 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Heat Link Dead, No LEDs device has 240V, Tried resenting still Dead. How do I get a Replacement

Hi There,I have this problem below and I ask not sure how to obtain a replacement Heat Link under warranty, device was bought in October 2020.“Nest Heat Link Dead, No LEDs device has 240V, Tried reseting but still Dead. How do I action a Replacement?...